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Cross Stitch the Line’s Words

Cross Stitch the Line has been featured here before. It’s a shop filled with downloadable cross stitch designs that range from very modern to folksy. Graciela Gacek brings her sense of humor along with her modernly traditional sensibilities with designs she creates from scratch.

This time we are going to focus on […]

Cottage Coppicing

Cottage Coppicing has the kind of woodsy stuff that makes me feel right at home. From whistles with the bark still on – which happen to be very affordably priced – to cutting boards and crayons. You can even get pre-sliced slabs of wood great for your crafting projects.

All of the wood for […]

Isle of Craftin

M Brent Payne’s Esty shop, Isle of Craftin, has a large and growing selection of jewelry, key chains, and minerals. Hailing from Arizona, she has access to a good supply. She puts them to good use. Her designs clearly show her love for rocks. With simple ribbon or cord in her necklaces, the beauty […]

By Alinies


That’s one word for the stuffed toy patterns available at By Alinies. Cute and cuddly also come to mind.

Alinies has over thirty patterns to choose from. All of them have a distinctive quality that is uniquely Alinies. Most of them are animals like this lion. (Click on the pictures to see more). […]


Stefania De Angelis of StefaniaDA2015 has loved crochet since her family taught her how. Now she makes a lifetime of skill available to her buyers.

She specializes in baby booties with the addition of the occasional hat or scarf in any size. Looking for a particular color combination? She makes items to order quickly. […]

Turtles and Peace

Alisa Clarke from Turtles and Peace loves to take pictures. You can see it clearly in the items in her shop. She sells digital downloads, blank greeting cards, 8×10 prints, and canvases of her photography.

Everything shows her artistic flair. Most of her images center on the natural ranging from flowers so close you […]

Cross Stitch the Line

Graciela Gacek from Cross Stitch the Line is all about the combination of the modern and the traditional. Her cross stitch charts range from several Super Dad motifs to a Scandinavian bird. Flowers, butterflies, and funny slogans fill her shop.

Each chart is lovingly hand-created by her using paper and pen before becoming […]

Blossomviolet Crafts

Unique pillow covers aren’t the only thing Rhian at Blosomviolet Crafts has to offer. This quirky seamstress stitches up a variety of off the wall items that thrill our geeky hearts.

This galaxy pillow cover is probably the most subtle in her selection. It’s the sort of thing that might take a guest more […]

Fun ‘N Fiber

Margie, the owner of the etsy shop Fun ‘N Fiber is one of the nicest, hardest working team mates I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. She has a store full of wonderful jewelry inspired by the mesas and deserts of her home in New Mexico.

Right now a wide selection of heart necklaces can […]

Win a Custom Engraved Sign

Not Your Average Sign takes a natural, mindful approach to sign making. They use the best quality reclaimed wood available. Instead of coloring the wood with stain or paint, they burn it to make a dark background, then carve your message into the wood. The results are an environmentally safe, giftable sign.

The Prize: […]