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December Super Hearts Treasury

It’s here! The December Super Hearts Treasury:

SH 15-12

How the December Super Hearts Treasury Was Made:

I thought rather than making two posts about the treasury, I’d do both the announcement and talk about how it was made in one post.

This month I did a special tribute. Usually I contact each of the leaders of the team letting them know when I’m building the treasury and asking for suggestions. I don’t ever include them because I consider it a conflict of interest.

Yet who in the APC Team is working hardest for the team members? None of the leaders get paid for this. We do it because we want a better team, and see a way to make that happen.

This time I didn’t bother to contact anyone. I just put them in the treasury. Surprise!

That filled a rip roaring five slots. The top, of course, because this is the only crack the leaders will get at being a Super Heart any time soon.

The rest of the treasury is made entirely of people who have been treasured over and again. Why include them in this one? Because they are all wonderful team members! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped over them simply because they had already been included too many times. In a way, they can be considered the best of the best.

This is just my little thank you to a bunch of people I feel I have come to know over the last year. I hope you will all be great members of the A Promotion Commotion Team in the future.

The January Super Hearts will be made of team members who commented on either the November Super Hearts, or this one. Go comment!

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