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Final Super Hearts Treasury


We have just enough time to launch one last Super Hearts Treasury before Etsy takes away the ability to make or change treasuries.

I still think treasuries can be a valuable tool for sellers. It is with regret that I see this feature come to an end. The announcement for it arrived well after I had already launched the September treasury and told everyone in the APC team that I would gladly include those who supported it in the next.

In honor of the fact this will be the last, I put our team captain in the first slot. Surprise, Sandra! I hope you enjoy whatever sales I can bring your way.

Sandra has supported me in everything I have wanted to do in the APC Team. She raised me to leader when I helped keep count for the hundred hearts threads. Since then she’s let me run a number of treasury games, start and run the fifty hearts threads and put up with the odd way I handle the Post Anything thread. She’s let me try out all kinds of off the wall ideas. Actually, she kind of lets me run wild. I love it.

Under Sandra’s leadership, and during the time I have been a leader there, the A Promotion Commotion team has grown from barely over a thousand members to over nine thousand. Go team!

Next I put our Shop of the Month shop – Cottage Coppicing It seemed fitting.

I thought I might have to include a number of shops who were in last month’s Super Hearts Treasury because there were much fewer comments. Instead, I had no problem finding good people, and placing them in the treasury in the order of their support for the September treasury.

If we must go out, this seems like a good way to do it.

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