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Cottage Coppicing has the kind of woodsy stuff that makes me feel right at home. From whistles with the bark still on – which happen to be very affordably priced – to cutting boards and crayons. You can even get pre-sliced slabs of wood great for your crafting projects.

All of the wood for this shop is either the result of carefully managed woods in her UK home lands using the coppicing technique, or reclaimed from building. Often Lisa can tell you where the wood from a particular item came from, right down to pointing out the tree.


Her work has the rich simplicity of Shaker furniture. The natural beauty of wood grains are brought out perfectly. Yet every item has a practical use. It’s all wonderful stuff.


It tends to run seasonally. In Winter she will cut. in Summer she will create. She doesn’t charge anyone for her coppicing services, and the prices in her shop are very low. Her focus is on producing habitat for woodland creatures as well as creating beautiful items.

The seasonal nature means she doesn’t always have a steady supply. For instance, she’s low on crayons right now, but expects to have plenty in November. She recently finished a number of trugs. Better snap them up now before someone gets them ahead of you.

She learned her craft – both the creation of wonderful products and the techniques for keeping a forest healthy, on her father’s knee. It’s a fine tradition.

If you have questions, Lisa is eager to answer them. She can be be found at

as well as on Etsy at Cottage Cappicing.

As always, click the pictures to see details on the items.

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