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April Super Hearts Treasury

For the moment, this is what the April Super Hearts Treasury looks like. Check again at the end of the month. It’ll look completely different.

This month we had plenty of APCteam members to choose from. There was a certain amount of closing the eyes and pointing. The exception is the top row.


February Super Hearts Treasury

We had another great group of shops to chose from this month. I was able to get the list of those who qualified out to the other leaders just in time. My selections were accepted unanimously. Yay!

I put the people who were the most supportive of the January Super Hearts in the top […]

January Super Hearts Treasury

Click on the picture or here to go to the treasury.

This was the first treasury to come out under the new rules. It was a different experience for me. I went through the November and December treasury comment sections to see who qualified, made a list, and sent it off to our […]

December Super Hearts Treasury

It’s here! The December Super Hearts Treasury:

How the December Super Hearts Treasury Was Made:

I thought rather than making two posts about the treasury, I’d do both the announcement and talk about how it was made in one post.

This month I did a special tribute. Usually I contact each of the leaders […]

How to Get into the Super Hearts Treasury

The Super Hearts Treasury is a regular tribute to the members of the A Promotion Commotion team on the Etsy Forums.

The Super Hearts is not a BNR or BNS. No purchase is necessary. Anyone who follows the rules can be included.

The Rules:

1) You have to have be a member in good standing […]

The Making of the November Super Hearts Treasury

If not for Graciela Gacek this month’s Super Hearts Treasury would have been very nearly a repeat of the October treasury. The vast majority of those who participated in the Treasured Treasuries thread and commented on the October treasury were in it.

I only found three relatively fresh faces. This is not what I […]

The Making of the October Super Hearts Treasury

This month the treasury came very close to filling without repeating people. I held off for a couple of days after going through the Treasured Treasury thread in search of people who qualified in the hopes of filling the treasury with all new people, but activity was too low.


The Making of the September Super Hearts Treasury

The treasury went together fairly quickly this time. I simply went through the Treasured Treasuries thread until I found all the honest players who had also commented on the July Super Hearts Treasury. I ended up with one slot left. Just when I thought I’d have to start digging through the Post 1 Favor […]

How the July Super Hearts Treasury Was Made

One of the biggest problems I face with the Super Hearts Treasuries is getting APC Team members to leave a comment on it. It seems to me that it is only fair to expect those who enjoy the benefits of being included to be supportive of the treasury.

In other words, I ended up […]

July Super Hearts Treasury

July is finally here! Check it out.